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Product liability: Takata airbag causes death in West Virginia

Most people hope that the products they use will not pose them any kind of unnecessary threat. Unfortunately, some products can put users at considerable risk of injury or even death. Though recalls may be put in place once these risks are identified, those notices may come too late. As a result, individuals or families may have reason to take legal action in the form of a product liability claim.

Crash may lead to personal injury claims in West Virginia

Traveling on the roadways presents many risks that most people are willing to take or may not even think about. Many individuals may go years without suffering any ill effects from hazards on the road, but serious accidents take place every day that can leave travelers with severe or fatal injuries. When such an incident occurs, some parties may have cause to file personal injury claims. In the case of fatalities, surviving family members may be entitled to pursue wrongful death claims.

Medical malpractice case depends on expert testimony

Most medical malpractice cases in West Virginia and elsewhere are won or lost on the issue of whether the defendant was negligent in treating the patient. This means that the defendant is accused of performing at a substandard level of care recognized for health care providers in the same specialty and under the same or similar circumstances. To win the medical malpractice case at trial or with a settlement prior to trial, the plaintiff must also show that he or she was injured directly and proximately by the negligence of the defendant.

Woman rear-ended by vehicle claims personal injury damages

When a vehicle operator is rear-ended by another vehicle and injury results to the innocent operator, a claim for damages against the tortfeasor will exist. West Virginia law follows the same principles of personal injury claims that are in place throughout the country. These principles are based on the law of negligence.

After being injured, what are your legal options as a plaintiff?

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s website, the requirement of employers to report work accidents has produced much safer workplaces, reducing the daily average of on-the-job fatalities from 38 to 12. Yet as a personal injury law firm that focuses on plaintiffs’ litigation, we know that prospective improvements will not provide immediate answers to injured workers or their surviving family members.

1 dead, 1 suffers personal injury, in 2-car crash in Elkview

In West Virginia and all other jurisdictions, the system of collecting monetary damages from a vehicular accident is based on whether someone else was negligent in causing the claimant's injury or death. If someone's negligence was a substantial factor in causing the victim's injuries or death, a claim for personal injury or wrongful death damages will likely exist. Sometimes, there can be more than one person who is negligent in causing damages, and in that event, the tortfeasors will each be responsible for compensating the victim.

How many pedestrians are killed in crashes in West Virginia?

As spring draws closer and more people spend time outdoors, most people don't think about the danger of traffic when deciding to take an afternoon or evening walk. Even on nice days when you skip the car ride in favor of walking to complete a quick errand, car crashes remain a real risk.

Premises liability is a source of many personal injury claims

Premises liability cases are a significant source of injury claims in West Virginia and other states. The liability of an owner of real property to one who is injured on the property is generally based on negligence principles. However, to obtain a personal injury recovery in such a claim, the injured person must show that the owner knew or reasonably should have known of the dangerous condition that caused the injury.

Personal injury claim filed by bicycle rider against Marietta

When a West Virginia city provides a bicycle and running path for its residents, it has a duty to keep it safe for users. That is the legal argument raised in a lawsuit brought by a bicyclist for personal injury damages allegedly caused by the city of Marietta's negligence. The suit claims that city workers ran an inflated water hose over the path without marking the spot or directing users away from the potential danger.

Woman awarded maximum compensation for unneeded hysterectomy

The loss of fertility due to a hysterectomy has been devastating to a 24-year-old West Virginia woman—more so because it may have been entirely unnecessary. As a result, the young woman will never have another child and is suffering the effects of the hormone changes brought on by early menopause. Even her marriage has been negatively affected.


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