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Coal mining accidents: Man suffers fatal injury in West Virginia

Grief can cause many hardships in the lives of surviving loved ones. If a death occurred unexpectedly, as many do, individuals may have an even more difficult time coming to terms with their losses. If coal mining accidents lead to the deaths of workers, their family members may not only struggle emotionally but also financially.

2017 saw rise in deaths relating to coal mining accidents

The coal mining industry employs numerous individuals around the country. Unfortunately, this occupation presents many dangers, and workers are often at risk of suffering serious or fatal injuries in coal mining accidents. Though it is always hoped that workers make it home safely after a long workday, that is regrettably not always the case.

West Virginia coal mining accidents can claim lives

Many individuals make their living by working in the coal mining industry. In certain areas, this industry can provide a considerable number of job opportunities. However, this type of occupation can also present serious hazards, and coal mining accidents have a tendency to result in serious or fatal injuries to workers. As a result, the workers themselves or surviving family members can face many difficulties.

Fatal coal mining accidents can have personal, financial impacts

In West Virginia, numerous individuals make their living by having an occupation related to coal mining. Though this way of life is relatively common, the risks that come along with this type of job still pose considerable threats. Unfortunately, coal mining accidents occur relatively often, and many workers suffer serious and fatal injuries due to work-related accidents.

Results in on West Virginia coal mining accident investigation

An investigation into a recent coal mining death has concluded that the emergency stop on a mining machine that was remote controlled was overridden by a miner causing his death. The investigation also found that the warning lights on the machine weren't working and may have contributed to the West Virginia coal mining accident. The 32-year-old miner was killed when the machine he was working on pinned him against an underground wall.

Coal mining accidents on the rise in West Virginia, elsewhere

Coal mine deaths have increased in the last year with five fatal coal mining accidents occurring in West Virginia. The miners' union places partial blame on the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration amid concerns that safety regulations are being eased. There were eight deaths total last year in the nation's coal mines. That number is at 10 already this year.

Are coal miners at a higher risk of work-related injuries?

A recent coal mining accident has resulted in tragedy. According to the West Virginia Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training, a miner who suffered serious injuries after being struck by a falling rock at the CK Mine No. 5 in Mingo County recently died from complications. The miner had been a section foreman for CK Coal Corporation.

Coal mining accidents may provide tort damages recoveries

As the people of West Virginia well know, mining is one of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in the country. Coal mining accidents in the state have taken down many souls who should have had many more years of knowing the joys of life. When such events happen in the state, there is a coming together of mining families and others to help one another, for each knows that they too may someday mourn the loss or serious injury of a loved one.


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