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Injuries suffered during birth may stem from medical malpractice

Any time a child suffers a serious injury parents feel concerned and frightened. When the injury occurs to a newborn during the delivery process, West Virginia parents may feel even more distraught over the outcome. Unfortunately, negligence and other medical errors on the part of doctors and other staff could potentially cause serious damage, and these mistakes may warrant medical malpractice claims.

It was recently reported that a couple in another state filed such a claim due to injuries their son suffered. Reports stated that the child was born last year, and due to undisclosed issues, the infant suffered a brain injury during delivery. The parents believe that hospital staff members are to blame for the injury due to not following the proper standards of care.

The specific actions or inaction on the part of the medical staff that contributed to the injury were not detailed in the report. The parents have claimed permanent damages as a result of the situation. They also claim that the hospital is attempting to withhold information that could potentially provide evidence of negligence.

Having an injured child can lead to great burdens on the child and family overall. In many cases, brain damage can lead to a need for extended care and medical attention, which can also contribute to substantial medical bills. If West Virginia parents believe that medical malpractice resulted in their children suffering brain injuries or other harm during birth, they may wish to explore their options for seeking justice and compensation. Consulting with knowledgeable attorneys may be able to help with such an endeavor.

Source: flarecord.com, "Parents allege medical negligence in son's delivery", Jenie Mallari-Torres, April 13, 2018

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