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Misdiagnoses contribute to numerous medical malpractice claims

Because doctors and other medical staff obtain the education and training needed to work in the medical field, most people want to trust that these professionals can do their jobs properly. Of course, many West Virginia residents may find out too late that their doctors did not properly address their medical conditions. In such cases, negatively affected individuals may look into their options to pursue medical malpractice claims.

In particular, incorrect or delayed diagnoses affect numerous patients. One insurance company conducted a study relating to misdiagnoses and malpractice claims, and the results indicated that 33 percent of all claims from 2013 to 2017 related to diagnosis-related issues. Additionally, 33 percent of those claims indicated that the problem arose because of improper evaluation of the patient.

The information from the study further indicated that 35 percent of these mistakes took place in outpatient settings. This means that rather than occurred in fast-paced situations such as those in emergency rooms, many patients received misdiagnoses while at a physician's office. In particular, failure to diagnose various cancers made up a significant number cases relating to this particular issue.

When a patient does not receive the correct diagnosis, especially in cases of cancer-related illnesses, he or she could suffer immensely. A condition could worsen due to lack of proper treatment, and some parties could even be at risk of suffering a fatal event due to misdiagnoses of serious conditions. If West Virginia residents believe that they have suffered or lost loved ones due to diagnostic-related mistakes, they may want to obtain evaluations of their cases to determine whether they may have grounds to pursue medical malpractice claims for compensation.

Source: healthleadersmedia.com, "Misdiagnoses Blamed in Half of Med-Mal Payouts", John Commins, March 13, 2018

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