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Early discharge from hospital may equal medical malpractice

When West Virginia residents feel that something is wrong with their health, it can be nerve-wracking to think about. For a time, some individuals may try to ignore the issue by thinking it will go away, but for others, the anxiety of not knowing or the condition worsening may lead them to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, even after a diagnosis, a person's situation could worsen, and he or she may end up considering medical malpractice claims options.

Recent reports indicated that a man in another state has decided to take such action against a hospital where he sought treatment. The man claims that he went to the medical center due to experiencing a myriad of concerning symptoms, including abdominal pain and chest pain. He was reportedly diagnosed with a heart infection.

It was unclear what type of treatment the man may have received, but his condition apparently did not get better. Still, hospital staff discharged him from their care. Only days later, the man was readmitted to the hospital due to having a stroke. The man believes that the hospital was negligent in discharging him too soon and that his stroke was a result of that negligence. He is hoping to seek compensation with the lawsuit.

When patients are not properly cared for, their conditions can easily worsen, or they may even suffer additional problems, as with the man in this case. If West Virginia residents believe that hospital staff were negligent in their care, and they suffered monetary damages as a result, they may want to determine whether taking legal action could suit their own predicaments. If they would like to obtain more information on medical malpractice claims, utilizing local legal resources may be wise.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Patient faults Houston hospital for releasing him too early, alleges he suffered stroke following discharge", John Suayan, March 14, 2018

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