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Misdiagnosis of sepsis could mean medical malpractice

When West Virginia patients face serious medical issues, they undoubtedly want to receive the best care possible. Of course, receiving the best and proper care would also mean that medical professionals properly diagnosed the problem. Unfortunately, medical malpractice in the form of failure to diagnose, mistreatment or untimely action could all result in serious or fatal effects for patients.

One issue that could easily claim lives is sepsis. This problem typically occurs when the body experiences a severe infection of the kidneys, skin, abdominal organs or lungs. If these issues are not diagnosed and treated properly and in a timely manner, they could worsen into sepsis, which has the ability to cause numerous issues including organ failure and death.

If sepsis does occur, the proper diagnoses of this issue is also critically important. Sepsis can be treated if caught quickly, but if a doctor does not accurately recognize sepsis, a patient could receive the wrong treatment or no treatment for the problem. Some indicators of sepsis include elevated heart rate, fever, shortness of breath and disorientation. Though the problem can be difficult to diagnose, medical professionals still have a duty to make accurate diagnoses.

Because sepsis can have such damaging results, proper recognition and treatment needs to take place as soon as possible. If West Virginia residents have suffered ill effects or lost loved ones due to a misdiagnosis or improper treatment of sepsis, they may have reason to pursue legal action. Filing medical malpractice claims against parties considered responsible may help interested individuals seek compensation for damages.

Source: wfsb.com, "What is Sepsis and the risks?", Spencer Ernst, Jan. 22, 2018

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