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Medical malpractice claims may stem from objects left behind

A surgical mistake can have serious impacts. Often, in order to correct the error, additional surgeries are needed. As a result, a West Virginia patient may end up having to recover from multiple procedures in addition to the original operation. Such complications can result in lost time, financial challenges and other issues. These outcomes may give reason for individuals to pursue compensation through medical malpractice claims. 

One woman in another state filed such a claim after a foreign object was left in her abdomen after surgery. The initial surgery she underwent was an exploratory procedure related to removing a benign tumor. Nearly two weeks after being discharged from the hospital, she went to an emergency room due to experiencing severe pain. It was at this time that doctors found that forceps had been left in her body.

Due to this error, the woman had to have another surgery that involved having 18 inches of her small intestine removed. The removal was necessary because the intestine had become looped through the forceps. As a result, the woman has filed a legal claim seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost income and other financial damages.

The idea of having a medical instrument left behind after surgery may be many West Virginia residents' worst nightmare. Unfortunately, the possibility of this type of scenario exists, as this case shows. If patients suffer negative outcomes due to this type of negligence, they may wish to find out more information on medical malpractice claims. Successful claims could potentially allow them to obtain compensation for permissible damages.

Source: redding.com, "Susanville woman says forceps left in her after surgery at Shasta Regional Medical Center", Damon Arthur, Dec. 31, 2017

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