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Worried about wrong-way drivers? Here's what to do

You may already know that wrong-way drivers pose a serious hazard to individuals traveling on the roadways. You may have seen a wrong-way driver yourself and shuddered at the thought of the damage that individual could potentially cause to both people and property. On the other hand, you may have been more closely impacted by such an event after having had a loved one suffer serious or even fatal injuries as a result of a head-on crash.

Because this type of situation could affect anyone, you may wish to do your best to protect yourself while on the road. Though the following information and tips may not act as foolproof ways to avoid a wrong-way driver, they may help you get yourself to a safer location or at least notice a hazard more quickly.

Wrong-way drivers

You may think that a person could begin driving the wrong direction on a road for a number of reasons. This thought is not necessarily unwarranted because drivers can easily become confused in certain situations, especially the elderly or inexperienced. However, most accidents involving wrong-way drivers take place due to the driver being under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, this type of crash results in hundreds of deaths across the country every year.

Attempting to avoid wrong-way drivers

Because even relatively slow-speed collisions involving wrong-way drivers can prove fatal, you certainly want to do your best to avoid such an incident if possible. Not all accidents are avoidable, but the following tips may prove useful to you:

  • Notice the time -- If you find yourself on the road between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., you may wish to stay particularly alert to other travelers. During these hours, you are most likely to come across an intoxicated driver, and therefore, your risk of potentially seeing a wrong-way driver could increase.
  • Use the right lane -- Often, individuals going the wrong direction on a road tend to use the left lane. Using the right lane of a road could help you have a better chance of staying out of the line of danger should a wrong-way driver come your way.
  • Get off the road -- If you do happen to see a vehicle coming right at you, try to get off the road as safely as possible. You may have the ability to get on the right shoulder of the road and avoid the vehicle.

Doing your best to protect yourself may not always be enough. If a wrong-way driver causes an accident that leads to your suffering injuries or losing a loved one, you may wish to consider filing a legal claim against the liable party for compensation.

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