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Could social media hurt your personal injury claim?

It seems almost everything we do today potentially ends up in front of millions of eyes. Posting things on social media has become as common as brushing your teeth — whether that's the dinner you're about to eat at that fancy new restaurant in your West Virginia neighborhood to adding a new puppy to your family.

Estate planning: What it means to die without a will

Dying can make things complicated for the living. When West Virginia residents ignore estate planning, they may be leaving their loved ones with much more than heartache. Dying without a last will and testament gives the state a lot of say in what may happen to one's assets.

Prenatal care issues may lead to W.Va. medical malpractice suits

Many women have to travel hours to get prenatal care in the Mountain State. These distances have contributed to medical malpractice cases in West Virginia. Because of the vast rural areas in the state, traveling for prenatal care for many soon-to-be moms isn't out of the ordinary, but more health care providers in country areas would be a step in the right direction.

Medical malpractice: West Virginia economy may be to blame

The head of the medical association in the Mountain State is suggesting that the depressed economy may be partly to blame for the state's ninth place ranking in the country's medical malpractice lawsuits. In a recent report West Virginia showed 29.6 medical malpractice lawsuits for every 100,000 of its residents. The state has laws that cap the amount of some monetary damages for medical malpractice cases against health care providers. Non-economic damages are limited to $250,000 or $500,000 depending upon the severity of the harm.

Car accidents: 2 injured in crash between bus and delivery van

Two people were injured in a crash between a school bus and a delivery van recently in Berkeley County. West Virginia residents continue to be injured or to lose their lives in car accidents on the state's busy roads. In this case, both the driver of the bus and the van driver were taken to hospital with unknown injuries. One other person involved in the collision was not injured.

With a complex estate, DIY planning may not be the way to go

Estate planning can offer West Virginia residents numerous benefits. Not only can these plans help address the distribution of your assets after death, but you can also use your plan to address needs you may have while still alive. Because the decisions you make with these plans can have considerable impacts on your life and the lives of your surviving loved ones, you may want to ensure that you take the best approach in creating your estate plan.


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