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Focusing on the task at hand could prevent a catastrophe

There are a multitude of circumstances in which a motor vehicle accident can occur. However, the result is often the same, with many collisions ending in disaster for those involved. If you have been in a collision and suffered serious injuries in the process, you may be wondering what to do from here.

Perhaps you tried to avoid the collision, or the other vehicle might have come out of nowhere or made a sudden move that was impossible to predict and avoid. If this sounds familiar, you may have been the victim of a distracted driver.

The dangers of distraction while driving

Operating a vehicle inherently requires a significant portion of your concentration. Those who divide their attention between the task at hand and others often put everyone around them in harm's way. Some of the most common forms of distraction among drivers may include the following:

  • Cell phones:  A phone conversation requires concentration, even if only a small amount, and dividing even a portion of your attention between driving and something that could probably wait could end in catastrophe.
  • Texting:  Reading or writing a text inherently causes you to divert your eyes off the road to your phone. While this action may only last a couple of seconds, sometimes that is all it takes to cause a collision.
  • Grooming:  While it may be less common than other forms of distraction, performing actions such as shaving or applying make-up while driving can be extremely dangerous.
  • Passenger interaction:  Much like a phone conversation, interacting with passengers, or even pets, while driving requires you to divert a portion of your focus off the road.
  • Reading/writing:  Whether due to being late to work or school, and wishing to finish some work or an assignment while in transit, attempting to read or write while driving is hazardous at best.

Some states, including West Virginia, have even banned certain actions while driving, such as texting. If the other driver is found culpable of performing such actions prior to the collision, you may have grounds to pursue restitution through the civil justice system.

Seeking restitution for damages

Serious injuries suffered in an accident can be challenging to overcome, and in some cases, may spur a need for long-term or permanent treatment. With the extensive cost of medical care, you could be feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the thought and wish to explore the available options for financial relief. By consulting someone with experience in handling such a stressful and daunting situation, you could obtain some much-needed advice in navigating the process. Obtaining guidance could prove crucial in preparing you to pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

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