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Medical malpractice case depends on expert testimony

Most medical malpractice cases in West Virginia and elsewhere are won or lost on the issue of whether the defendant was negligent in treating the patient. This means that the defendant is accused of performing at a substandard level of care recognized for health care providers in the same specialty and under the same or similar circumstances. To win the medical malpractice case at trial or with a settlement prior to trial, the plaintiff must also show that he or she was injured directly and proximately by the negligence of the defendant.

Focusing on the task at hand could prevent a catastrophe

There are a multitude of circumstances in which a motor vehicle accident can occur. However, the result is often the same, with many collisions ending in disaster for those involved. If you have been in a collision and suffered serious injuries in the process, you may be wondering what to do from here.

Overcoming hesitation with facts regarding estate planning

There may be numerous reasons why a person might hesitate to plan for certain life events. While the idea of planning for the end of the road might seem somewhat intimidating, chances are, you may have wishes regarding what happens to your assets after you are gone.

Car accidents: Chain reaction usually involves negligent cause

A recent five-car chain reaction accident in West Virginia illustrates some principles of negligence in rear-end collision cases. In those kinds of car accidents, it is often very difficult to impose liability on any of the operators other than the initial offender who started the chain. The accident happened on U.S. Route 220 in front of Blackburn Square in Keyser.

Car accidents allow for a variety of collectible damages

The law of personal injury in West Virginia is predominated by the principle of negligence. When one who owes a duty to another negligently causes injury to that person, the injured party is entitled to collect according to the damages provided by state law. Car accidents make up a significant portion of personal injury claims in the state.

Estate planning provides benefits in a variety of circumstances

Estate planning is a common-sense process that all people in West Virginia and elsewhere should undertake to protect themselves and their families. Those who may be starting out in life and those who may have few assets can nonetheless benefit from having an estate plan. The purposes of estate planning include an effort to maximize financial stability for oneself and one's family.

Could a personal injury defense use social media against you?

In today's society, social media plays a significant role in most West Virginia residents' lives. You may love keeping your friends and family updated on your daily doings and checking to see what activities your loved ones have recently participated in. While these actions can help you and many other people keep in contact, it could have negative repercussions as well.


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