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A low-speed impact can leave you with a high amount of pain

A car accident can change your life in an instant, even if it is a low-speed collision. Low-speed collisions may seem like minor incidents, but in reality, these events can cause significant damage and leave a victim with serious pain and long-term injuries.

Estate planning may include a living trust for probate avoidance

When setting out to create an estate plan, it is likely that the question of whether to use revocable living trusts as part of the grand plan will come up. The use of such trusts in West Virginia is an option of estate planning as it is in all other states. Hopefully, the decision whether to use a living trust will be determined working in close consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney.

$750,000 paid to veteran in medical malpractice lawsuit

A  claim for medical negligence against a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital may sometimes lead to a pretrial settlement. Such cases are more prevalent since the scandalous reports of poor medical treatment in veterans' facilities hit the air waves about two years back. With many veterans in West Virginia relying on the veterans' facilities for the majority of their medical care, the issue of medical malpractice and the quality of care provided in the these medical facilities remains very important.

Family meeting helps to validate estate planning distributions

In West Virginia and elsewhere, family disputes are a regular contributor to probate battles over the wording of the testator's will. Children who have received a smaller share of an estate's assets will often complain, and they can file a will contest to hold up processing and administration of the estate. Experts recommend that a person who is in the process of estate planning will do best by telling his or her children about any inequalities in the distribution while still alive.

Estate planning is tailored to the individual's circumstances

In West Virginia and everywhere else, estate planning may generally be viewed as a strategy to protect assets, pay expenses and bills, and to distribute the remainder to those heirs chosen to receive. Therefore, when preparing to meet with an estate planning attorney to go over the preparation of a plan, one of the first things to do is to work out in advance who are the heirs who will inherit the estate's assets. Since these choices will necessarily be very personal, it will be an unproductive use of time to work such matters out in the attorney's office.

Car accidents: Drunk driver conviction may boost civil claim

In West Virginia, the law of negligence defines liability for injuries and deaths in vehicular accidents. Negligence law governs car accidents in all states. Generally, if an operator was not at least negligent to some degree, that operator cannot be found partially or wholly liable to an injured party or to the estate of a person killed in the accident.

Too tired to drive: the dangers of fatigued driving

At some point, every driver has gotten behind the while he or she was tired. Driving while sleepy or a bit groggy is a very normal behavior, but what most people do not realize is that it is quite dangerous. Fatigued driving may be one of the leading causes of car accidents, but most drivers fail to consider the potentially serious consequences of getting behind the wheel when tired.


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