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Young couples starting out need to consider estate planning

Many people in West Virginia and elsewhere have put estate planning low on their priority list. Beliefs that estate planning is only for rich people and other myths have created a comfortable perception that an estate plan is a luxury and not a necessity. There are many reasons, however, why estate planning is necessary for all individuals and married couples.

West Virginia car accidents are often single-vehicle events

In a single-car accident, the driver is in most instances negligent in some way or another. Car accidents involving just one vehicle are very common in West Virginia and elsewhere. They are in a sense a testimonial to the destructiveness of inattentive driving.

Injuries or death in car accidents ignite rules of liability

Drag racing illegally on a public road usually goes beyond mere negligence in the operation of a vehicle. It almost always would rise to the level of recklessness that raises a question of criminal intent by the driver. In West Virginia and other states, car accidents arising out of dangerous activities like drag racing will generally be subject to the rule that a tortfeasor is responsible for the damages caused by the wrongdoing.

Car accidents with serious injuries may turn into death cases

West Virginia has a high incidence of vehicular accidents. That may be partly due to things like poor highway maintenance, impaired driving and the biggest factor in car accidents these days, that of driver distraction. Even when a precise cause cannot be found, the widespread occurrence of a vehicle crossing the median and going into oncoming or stationary traffic is a clear case of negligence that will in most instances qualify injured victims to collect damages from the at-fault operator.

You need a strong defense if charged with a crime

The best criminal defense begins by contacting an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. If charges are pending, your representative will work to defend your rights at every step, helping you pursue a beneficial outcome to your case. The penalties for a crime in West Virginia are steep, and you should take your situation seriously.

Woman awarded maximum compensation for unneeded hysterectomy

The loss of fertility due to a hysterectomy has been devastating to a 24-year-old West Virginia woman—more so because it may have been entirely unnecessary. As a result, the young woman will never have another child and is suffering the effects of the hormone changes brought on by early menopause. Even her marriage has been negatively affected.


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